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What We Do

What We Do

Harbach.tech’s IT services are designed for busy financial executives (controllers) at medical technology companies who want quick, secure, and reliable IT in place but do not have the time or expertise to build & manage it themselves.

Our Comprehensive IT Management portfolio contains everything that a small business needs to operate at peak technological efficiency.

Unlike service providers who bundle hours that are only utilized when systems go down, harbach.tech creates predictable availability & outcomes with a proactive approach that detects and treats problems before they turn into work-stopping emergencies.

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Comprehensive IT Management

Are technology problems getting in the way of your business?

Every organization has an IT department. In small business this IT department frequently masquerades under a different title like “Account Manager”, “Web Developer”, “Administrative Assistant”, or “Dad”.

The Comprehensive IT Management package from harbach.tech takes the burden of IT management off of your business. harbach.tech learns about the specific needs of your company and then implement solutions that meet those needs.

Services Included
Comprehensive IT Management

Comprehensive IT Management services

harbach.tech identifies areas that make your business vulnerable to security breaches & downtime. The following services are included in the Comprehensive IT Management package.

Bullet-proof Security

  • Managed firewall appliance
  • DNS layer web filtering
  • Endpoint protection for Windows, Mac, & Linux

Reliable Backups

  • Cloud file backups
  • On-Site file Backups
  • COMING SOON: Bare-metal disaster recovery

Tailored Configurations

  • Network infrastructure (firewall, routers, switches, servers, wireless access points)
  • Managed business productivity suite & email
  • User Workstations

Network Monitoring

  • Monitoring agent for workstations
  • SNMPv3 monitoring for network devices
  • Website availability monitoring

Excellent Support

harbach.tech takes ownership of your organization's IT and truly cares about doing great work

  • Frequent on-site visits
  • Easy to reach + quick response times
  • Small support team - interact with the same technicians for every request

Solutions Consulting

Draw upon a wide base of technical knowledge that includes topics such as:

  • Cloud
  • Networking
  • Web Hosting
  • Databases

Mission Statement

To design reliable IT infrastructure backbones for organizations and to mold each partner’s technical infrastructure into an efficient tool that boosts productivity, increases profits, and relieves technology-related stress.


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